For 10 years Pixie Retreat has been serving up the greater Portland Metro area with our organic plant-based whole foods.  We began as a wholesale business, outfitting Wholefoods, New Seasons, and many other grocers big and small with our grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, and desserts. We garnered a strong customer base in the grocery stores and have developed a proven and consistently reliable product our customers know will always be of the highest quality.  

In 2017 we opened our first Pixie Retreat retail location and realized that this is the direction we wanted to go as a business, serving the public directly with our food and our lifestyle.


To serve the highest quality plant-based foods to our urban communities, promoting a nourishing and sustainable lifestyle.

The plant-based movement continues to grow each year as people are sick and tired of being “sick and tired”. More and more people are awakening to the notion that food is medicine, food is life. Having sold in grocery stores for 10 years, Pixie Retreat’s products are already a staple for healthy eating in many Portlander’s diets. By shifting from wholesale to retail, we are able to provide a full menu of savory and sweet products and many new creative dishes, while maintaining the highest level of quality. We are also able to better participate in the community, directly serving our customers every day the healthy food and happy flavors that we make.

Owners Theresa Keane and Willow O'Brien