Pixie Retreat’s first ever PIZZA Pop Up!


Pixie Retreat RAW'r Laboratorie & Makery is having a Pixie Pizza Pop Up on September 6th and 7th.

Pre-order now for a special combo deal of our raw pizza + kale salad and pick it up on Friday the 6th or Saturday the 7th, all for the banging price of $20! 

This is a small 4-piece all raw pizza, made with tons of fresh herbs, tomatoes, and nut cheezes.  The crust has a fresh carrot pulp base that has been dehydrated, giving it a soft chewy texture. The pizza is topped with a fresh tomato marinara, a "faux" sausage, mac nut ricotta, brazil nut parmesan, and caramelized dehydrated seasoned cherry tomatoes. You'll be surprised at how filling these pizzas are!  

Combined with the pizza is one of our customer favorites, our Pixie Retreat Kale Salad. This is kale dressed in sunflower-thyme marinade and topped with our Mac Nut Cheez. The pizza and salad combo should be a perfect meal for two.