I love my life, I love my wife. I mean just our very existence alone can be a motherf*%#r at times, but we just roll because nothing stays the same. The only guarantee is change. We are living in our purpose, this work being our dharma. We truly care about our own well being and those of others. This well being starts within. Just focusing on the good, while witnessing the unsavory (including my own thoughts sometimes). Adding in those daily rituals that serve our higher needs. This celery juice being one of them.

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This morning I got juiced , took my sleeping beauty named Willow her obligatory 16oz. It was so dark, but I didn't bother to turn on the lights since I know the pathway in my house. Set down the juice next to my queen and proceeded to head back downstairs for morning ritual number 2: make tea. Well, as much as I trust my own path, because I was in the dark- I wasn't thinking of the door being ajar and its angle........dontcha know, BOOM walked right into it lol. Here the door was open to me, such a metaphor and I still walked into it vs. through it. Hurt a little bit, but we had a good laugh.