Inspiration, Integrity & Positivity

The easiest most natural part of running this business is the free flowing, constant source of inspiration. We hold such a strong desire to evoke positive change on the current food scene. We hold such a strong work ethic and fortunately we have been able to show up each and every day and do our very best. We intrinsically know and trust in that knowing that the plant-based life is the healthy life., not only for us humans, but for our great planet as well.

On the real though, it's tough in this business. We have to ride the waves and keep plugging, patiently waiting for those to awaken to the notion of food is medicine. So many more willing to stand in lines for ice cream, burgers, pizza, steak.....not quite understanding the connection between health and food.

So many are willing to pop those pharmaceuticals in lieu of a radical lifestyle change, unaware of the amazing satisfaction of whole foods. So many are doing those crash diets, looking for a quick fix, continuing on the yo-yo latest, greatest "fix me" kind of meal plans. And so we plug along, slow n' steady, believing wholeheartedly that we as a people do want more, we want to feel better, we want to think more clearly & positively & peacefully, we want to feel in our skin and not have the need to lose those "extra ten pounds". Cuz the truth is, when you eat a healthy balanced diet that's vegan and raw, without the fillers (gluten/soy/refined sugar/processed foods), when you eat clean, there's no "ten pounds" to lose, because your body finds its natural state. Your mind frees up, you are no longer chasing this begin changing your lifestyle into a more conscious one.

Running a business such as this, it is not easy. Since we do not cut corners on organic ingredients we have to work extra hard to make ends meet. We work extra hard to maintain the integrity of our products, making each of our food items from scratch, using minimal ingredients. We aren't opening cans , we use fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, millet, beans. Our crew operates 7 days a week preparing and making this food. This calls for high labor costs. Can someone please tell me why buying organic should be so expensive?