I'm about to drop some knowledge, as i'm thinking about my oldest sister and her family in Houston 🙏🏼 when we fill our vessels with should be common knowledge of spirituality and higher thoughts, higher consciousness...when we think of others, instead of putting ourselves first, when we do for others, when we consider the greater good, when we consider our thoughts / intentions / actions...when we do these things, we only advance our own higher growth, and in essence, that of all. it's a win win win when we contemplate the bigger picture. when you really and truly think about ingredients and what you put in, hence what comes out of your mouth - when you stop and slow down and enjoy each bite, when you literally break the food down by its flavor and texture, it reminds you that we are all full. In slowing down how we eat, we are reminded that we are taken care of. consider deeply what goes in, and what comes out.