when an email response turns into a blog: dear janet

When someone does not understand anothers journey down this raw food / plant-based path, how do we respond?  A (great) recent customer whom I've enjoyed dialoguing online with has inspired todays blog.  What was going to be about Pixie Retreat Gear i.e. clothing on our site, instead this topic seemed more heartfelt and relevant. Janet, in essence, asked what she should tell others whom question her choice around eating raw.  Dear Janet, I hope this response was helpful and considerate.  (Thanks for todays inspiration)  See our response below:

"Good morning...it's funny because we get this kind of commentary a lot - it's when people don't understand, they question, maybe even get angry or frustrated.  Anger is the next emotion after confusion.  I feel it's because it's you taking responsibility for self, not following what the masses are doing, and so then you become an easy target.  I'm speaking from experience here, not sure others intention.  (love to call people dicks sometimes too lol).  Anyways, ingredients:
the crust: pecan, macadamia nuts, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt
cake: fresh coconut, irish moss, cashew, maple, coconut butter, lucuma, maca, mesquite, vanilla, sea salt
All organic, soy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, agave free.
This is a nutrient dense whole food product.  So in the end, you eat less overall because you are getting full nutrition.  Nothing cooked - so the food is able to break itself down through your body, and meanwhile your body can work on its normal functions.
It's not like a regular piece of cake - you won't want to eat more than a slice.  And if you eat it post a full meal, it might even take you over the edge.  Not like other baked goods, sugary rich candies, where you can't seem to stop eating them....you can eat our sweets anytime of day, breakfast is good too.  It's surprising the energy you will get - instead of crashing like other food might have you doing, post sugar rush.
I always like to say give it 20 minutes after eating any singular one of our products, the satisfaction levels will sink in and you won't be needing much more....
less is more.  That's what this nutrient dense raw food does.  Eventually you'll crave more of the veggies and fruits, and even less of the hearty raw food. We are bridge food, helping others to walk towards better health by turning on the light bulbs, even if it's just in one area - like moving towards nut mylk and away from soy milk.  Just something small, always leads to something bigger.
I could go on and on on this topic as it is our special interest.  I just say let your light that will continue to shine speak for itself, let your healthiest (work in progress) self keep coming forth.  People won't be able to deny the work you are doing on self.  And so let them question.  Your actions will produce results over time, and others won't be able to deny it.  And any resistance you may feel that is coming your way is only because you are reflecting something in someone else that they may want to change themselves and are either not ready to, clueless on where to start, or basically just feel judged.  Don't let it get in your way, smile :)"