Eating Disorders & Plantbased Food

The other day I reposted a video/article about a woman with a severe case of anorexia.  I was moved by the woman, and it struck a cord with me.  It's a personal issue that so many of us move through, present company not excluded.  It is a painful process of grasping personal truth and seeking balance in our hearts/minds/bodies. It is not healed overnight.  

The owners of Pixie Retreat can speak to this difficult transition of self acceptance, finding solace in our food choices, in the way we look.....We've both been down this road - starving, overeating, depression.....Pixie Retreat is a mode of healing for ourselves, and in turn hopefully helping others on their path to finding some solace. When I posted the article, I was met with some definite anger and someones assumption that I was attempting to "capitalize" on this epidemic, which couldn't be further from the truth and brought up lots of sad feelings - of being misunderstood, someone else reacting to what they thought was my intention which was absolutely honorable and from the heart.  Just putting out there in plain sight the reality that many people suffer from eating disorders.  

Perhaps most of us suffer from some form of eating disorder.  It is not shameful.  So many of us have suffered in these ways, continue to suffer, continue to find ways to quel this affliction.  For us, it's been discovering the beauty and necessity of organic plantbased food.  And this has been YEARS in the making.  Shedding old skin, old ideas around food, leaving behind animal products, understanding Good Fat vs Bad Fat, sugars, gluten, soy, ETC.  It is a process that continues to unfold in new ways, everyday.  This is just the beginning of this discussion for us.  It is not affronting, it is just truth.  Never intend to offend, only to share.  xox