what IS pixie retreat?

We are a lifestyle focused style infused raw vegan organic plantbased wholefood business.  We are a wholesale food business, and also offer Take Out and Retail 7 days a week.  We do not use processed foods, soy, gluten, dairy, animal products, refined sugars, or agave...au natural baby.  Pixie Retreat is women owned. Our team encompasses conscientious & seeking hardworking men & women with full intent on feeding your soul with goodness and healthful grubbin'.  We make everything from scratch in house.  This work is not for the faint of heart.  It takes dedication, sacrifice, courage, intuition...we are not driven by money nor domination.  We are here to help others find the beauty in self, and tap into that innate presence that is sparkly, dreamy, and magical.  We are more than food.  We are fashion, style, real as can be, and truth seekers in life...real talk, no bullshittin'.  We aim to please, but will not be quelled.  We are thought provokers, hear us RAW'r.  This work is a silent act of rebellion.  Anytime you move against the grain, you are engaging in a rebellious act.  We do not stand in silence with the bully.  We do not believe in the status quo with what the current food supply is pushing.  We do not support animal torture, monsanto aka poisoned food, putting a bandaid on what ails....we aim to help you get to the source, to heal, not to mask with drugs and fake food.  Diving deep into self through food, what a concept...so obvious really.  A simple thing, to eat simply.  Who needs a diet?  Pixie Retreat is a lifestyle.  It is satisfaction found through nourishing the mind, body, and spirit with pure organic plantbased wholefood & right livelihood.  Protect your magic.  Get right, get wise, & get YA some.