Mind The Gap

We live in a world where there exists a need for speed.  We want everything fast and we want it now.  The current food culture is much the same - get it on the go.  Fast n' Casual is the name of the game.  What's changing, however, is the awareness around quality of food..healthier more conscientious food choices are popping up.  Not nearly enough options however, which can make it challenging to be out in the world in a social kind of way when going out to eat.  You almost have to choose your vice in most places - do you forego organic, rather do you consume gluten, soy, dairy, or refined sugar? Food that is processed?  Sure makes you think about making your own food, huh?  Don't beat yourself up for those indulgences, those gaps, this is a journey.

We are social beings who yearn for connection.  Food connects us on so many levels. Everything is just a reminder to do and be better.  In regards to the next time, how about inviting those friends over for an enlivening meal at home.