True Story.

If you have not seen this documentary "What The Heath", please do. ALL PLANT PROTEIN IS INITIALLY MADE BY PLANTS, ALL OF IT. And, it is not necessary to eat animal tissue in order to get protein. Only plants have the ability to actually take nitrogen from the air, break those molecules apart and incorporate that nitrogen into amino acids and then make protein.

Any protein you get from an animal is simply recycled plant protein

Plant proteins have a much more beneficial effect on our physiology. Most Americans get twice the amount of protein than they actually need. Most Americans get half the amount of fiber than they actually need.The question is not where do you get your protein? The question is where do you get your fiber? You cannot believe everything you hear, trusting the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries propaganda. These industries are in bed together, promoting illness, NOT promoting health. #getwise




I love my life, I love my wife. I mean just our very existence alone can be a motherf*%#r at times, but we just roll because nothing stays the same. The only guarantee is change. We are living in our purpose, this work being our dharma. We truly care about our own well being and those of others. This well being starts within. Just focusing on the good, while witnessing the unsavory (including my own thoughts sometimes). Adding in those daily rituals that serve our higher needs. This celery juice being one of them.

This morning I got juiced , took my sleeping beauty named Willow her obligatory 16oz. It was so dark, but I didn't bother to turn on the lights since I know the pathway in my house. Set down the juice next to my queen and proceeded to head back downstairs for morning ritual number 2: make tea. Well, as much as I trust my own path, because I was in the dark- I wasn't thinking of the door being ajar and its angle........dontcha know, BOOM walked right into it lol. Here the door was open to me, such a metaphor and I still walked into it vs. through it. Hurt a little bit, but we had a good laugh.

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Inspiration, Integrity & Positivity

The easiest most natural part of running this business is the free flowing, constant source of inspiration. We hold such a strong desire to evoke positive change on the current food scene. We hold such a strong work ethic and fortunately we have been able to show up each and every day and do our very best. We intrinsically know and trust in that knowing that the plant-based life is the healthy life., not only for us humans, but for our great planet as well.

On the real though, it's tough in this business. We have to ride the waves and keep plugging, patiently waiting for those to awaken to the notion of food is medicine. So many more willing to stand in lines for ice cream, burgers, pizza, steak.....not quite understanding the connection between health and food.

So many are willing to pop those pharmaceuticals in lieu of a radical lifestyle change, unaware of the amazing satisfaction of whole foods. So many are doing those crash diets, looking for a quick fix, continuing on the yo-yo latest, greatest "fix me" kind of meal plans. And so we plug along, slow n' steady, believing wholeheartedly that we as a people do want more, we want to feel better, we want to think more clearly & positively & peacefully, we want to feel in our skin and not have the need to lose those "extra ten pounds". Cuz the truth is, when you eat a healthy balanced diet that's vegan and raw, without the fillers (gluten/soy/refined sugar/processed foods), when you eat clean, there's no "ten pounds" to lose, because your body finds its natural state. Your mind frees up, you are no longer chasing this begin changing your lifestyle into a more conscious one.

Running a business such as this, it is not easy. Since we do not cut corners on organic ingredients we have to work extra hard to make ends meet. We work extra hard to maintain the integrity of our products, making each of our food items from scratch, using minimal ingredients. We aren't opening cans , we use fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, millet, beans. Our crew operates 7 days a week preparing and making this food. This calls for high labor costs. Can someone please tell me why buying organic should be so expensive?

The story of Lil' Puddin' & how coconuts love your body


We open fresh young Thai coconuts to make this delectable item. Coconuts are beauty food!

A 1-cup serving of raw coconut has over 7 grams of dietary fiber per serving (the average daily fiber recommendation is between 21 and 38 grams per day for adults, with the higher amount suggested for men). Dietary fiber helps with digestion, allowing waste to more easily pass through your system. Coconut meat is rich in medium-chain fatty acids that are better absorbed than saturated fat from animal product. These kinds of fats are used by the body for fuel, not broken down and absorbed like other saturated fats. Fresh coconut meat is also high in antioxidants, making it a very healing source of food. The fresh water in the coconut has one of the highest source of electrolytes (which are responsible for keeping the body hydrated properly so the nerves & muscles can function appropriately). Coconut water (fresh) is low in calories, sugars, and carbohydrates, and almost entirely fat-free. The coconut meat inside of the coconut contains proteins, various essential vitamins & minerals, and also helps to restore oxidative tissue damage. There is a lot of misinformation out there around coconuts in regards to saturated fats. Don’t believe everything you read and hear, do your own research. The plant based life is the healthy life. Why rely on western medicine, pharmaceuticals, and basically being dumbed down by poisonous toxins when you can have the real deal, it can taste delicious, heal what ails, and satisfy you all at once? 🤷🏽‍♂️ #getwise #lilpuddin

The GREAT Cilantro!

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 6.53.27 PM.png

the great cilantro, a powerful cleansing agent 🌱
*helps cleanse the body of toxic metals
*good source of dietary fiber
*incredible source of antioxidants, protecting the body against oxidative stress
*loaded with vitamins and minerals (Vitamins A, C, E, K, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, & Manganese)
*lowers stress and improves sleep *protects against cardiovascular disease *lowers blood sugar levels *eases digestion
*prevents urinary tract infections
*helps to support healthy menstruation *protects against food poisoning *lowers risk of colon cancer
*used as a remedy for skin irritations (such as sunburns, poison ivy, & hives)
*helps to prevent neurological inflammation


I'm about to drop some knowledge, as i'm thinking about my oldest sister and her family in Houston 🙏🏼 when we fill our vessels with should be common knowledge of spirituality and higher thoughts, higher consciousness...when we think of others, instead of putting ourselves first, when we do for others, when we consider the greater good, when we consider our thoughts / intentions / actions...when we do these things, we only advance our own higher growth, and in essence, that of all. it's a win win win when we contemplate the bigger picture. when you really and truly think about ingredients and what you put in, hence what comes out of your mouth - when you stop and slow down and enjoy each bite, when you literally break the food down by its flavor and texture, it reminds you that we are all full. In slowing down how we eat, we are reminded that we are taken care of. consider deeply what goes in, and what comes out. 

Eating Disorders & Plantbased Food

Eating Disorders & Plantbased Food

The owners of Pixie Retreat can speak to this difficult transition of self acceptance, finding solace in our food choices, in the way we look.....We've both been down this road - starving, overeating, depression...

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Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

We live in a world where there exists a need for speed.  We want everything fast and we want it now.  The current food culture is much the same - get it on the go.  

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