Theresa Keane and Willow O'Brien

This has been a lifelong journey, searching for the answer to feel and look ones best, realizing early on that food has everything to do with total wellbeing.  Food is such a personal matter to us all.  The beginnings of our business was about really just wanting to eat this way, organic plantbased wholefood.  We could hardly find any option out there - food that was fresh, wasn't processed, didn't have refined sugars in everything, and did not have soy!  The satisfaction that we craved was lacking.  So we bypassed the typical vegan diet and moved towards mostly raw organic & plantbased.  We make every element of every one of our products in house.  Rather than relying on others, we actually have spent the time to learn how to do this, and we are still learning, forever students.  We are artisans, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, and have no problem getting our hands dirty, and sacrificing when need be.

We taught classes, held dinners between Portland & San Francisco, collabed with yogis/retreats, ran our food subscription, and then morphed into a wholesale business.  We have stepped into retail & take out 7 days a week,  so to share a larger variety of what we make with the public.  Coming from the music business and fashion industry, we've had to let go of previous incarnations, and trust in the journey bestowed at our feet.  Taking the road less traveled is not the easy path, but it certainly is the most rewarding.

Our goal here at Pixie Retreat is to work towards optimum health.  We don't claim to have all the answers for everybody.  We are on a personal food journey that we are sharing with those who are hungry for change.  Only here to create, motivate, and inspire.  We are merely a bridge and a reflection.  Get YA Some.